Why Learn Judo?

Judo is a combat sport where the aim is to overcome one's opponent by the use of throwing techniques (nage-waza), holding techniques (osaekomi-waza), including arm-lock techniques (kansetsu-waza) and strangle techniques (shime-waza) which are performed by seniors players only.
Judo also involves striking and other joint lock techniques but these are not used in competition or randori (free practice).
They are preserved in Kata (pre-arranged forms).
The practice of Judo develops high degrees of stamina, strength and flexibility, while also developing very effective self-defence skills.
Grades are awarded in Judo for technical knowledge and competition experience.

Competitions are held for novices through to Olympic level. Each match in a competition can last for 5 minutes for men and 4 minutes for women.
There are 4 ways to win to win in a competition: