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Shinka Ryu Jiu Jitsu is taught as a self-defence system which acknowledges that situations may include multiple armed or unarmed opponents, rather than a single "one on one" officiated match. Joint locks and throws, complemented by weakening strikes, are employed to deal with attackers in an efficient way. In most cases, a practising pair will include an Uke and a Tori in which the Uke launches an attack and the Tori defends. The style includes some treatment of groundwork (newaza) however to a far lesser degree than some sports-based styles of jujutsu. Much of the competition focus of styles such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo is ignored in favour of maintaining focus on the complete surroundings with all possible threats considered. The commonly held prescriptions of "clean fighting" are disregarded in the and the use of all advantages available (including groin strikes, hair pulling, spinal locks, eye rakes, and to a small extent nerve points) is encouraged.



Judo is a combat sport where the aim is to overcome one's opponent by the use of throwing techniques (nage-waza), holding techniques (osaekomi-waza), including arm-lock techniques (kansetsu-waza) and strangle techniques (shime-waza) which are performed by seniors players only.
Judo also involves striking and other joint lock techniques but these are not used in competition or randori (free practice).
They are preserved in Kata (pre-arranged forms).
The practice of Judo develops high degrees of stamina, strength and flexibility, while also developing very effective self-defence skills.
Grades are awarded in Judo for technical knowledge and competition experience.