Western Warriors Martial Arts Club Logo




The red wavy outside and red central core is based on the Kodokan (the birth place of judo) symbol.

The Kodokan symbol was introduced in October 1940, and the form is modeled after an ancient 8-sided copper mirror (called yata-no-kagami).

The mirror, reflecting everything truthfully, is a symbol for honesty. The red circle in the center was intended to symbolize a sincere and passionate mind.

Top Centre Judo (Gentle Way) and Bottom Centre Jiu Jitsu (Gentle Art)

To the centre left Seiryoko Zenyo (Maximum Efficiency)

To the centre right Jita Kyoei (Mutual Benefit and Welfare)

These represent the main principles of Jitsu and judo are based on.

The Katana swords represent the origin of our martial arts and the warrior the within us

pushing us to strive for excellence and giving us the strength, courage and determination to conquer our opponents.

Respect bottom left and Tradition bottom right are two of our clubs main values. They give our club honour, unity, knowledge and strength.

By Rodney Moulder (Head Instructor) Western Warriors Martial Arts.